Empowering individuals & organisations to achieve lasting change 



/ruːt/ noun: a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination

Our purpose is to enable every individual and every organisation who seeks transformation to reach their highest potential through coaching and organisational consulting.


‘Strategic Intervention coaching helps clients have clarity on what they want to achieve, overcome their limiting beliefs and enjoy breakthrough performance and lasting change. Implementing Strategic Intervention in business helps resolve individual, organisational and cultural paradoxes that otherwise lead to internal conflict and blocked initiative.’

Magali Peysha and Mark Peysha,  Strategic Intervention Handbook


‘Systems-Psychodanamic approach is applicable to anything from the personal family system, the work group and colleagues system, the whole business, the wider industrial situation, and the national climate. This approach contributes to growth and development by helping people towards a more insightful and realistic grasp of both their inner world in their minds and the external world.’ 


Halina Bruning, Executive Coaching, Systems-Psychodynamic Perspective


'Anna challenged me. In a good way, one that went straight to my heart and held it up for me to see. All with a strength and gentleness and a capacity to build trust.'


Ana Maria Esteves, Management Consultant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



'Anna manages to create a comfortable space of confidentiality that made me feel understood and allowed me to easily open up. This was a really unique experience, in particular as our sessions have been virtual. Anna`'s style of coaching enabled me to be more reflective and to be clearer on the real objectives that I would like to achieve in my current professional role.'


Dr. Egbert Laege, C-level Executive, Munich, Germany 



‘Anna is an exceptionally empathetic coach with excellent listening skills. I had the opportunity to work with her in my executive coaching process, where I felt very comfortable, and the relationship was based on trust and respect. Thanks to Anna, I was able to achieve my goals in difficult and turbulent times.'

Marek Paska, General Manager CEE, Biotechnology, Warsaw, Poland