On average, we spend a third of our adult life at work. Emotional health can impact physical health and the reverse is also true. Therefore, our experience at work is very important. Thriving organisational culture, work-life balance, encouraging and supportive environment, as well as clear communication and operational systems in place are all essential components of a healthy organisation.


We are passionate about creating healthy organisations, and have identified five areas which we believe are key to focus on in achieving outstanding performance of companies and their people. 

Organisational Culture

We are particularly passionate about culture and believe it is the bones of any organisation. Being the core element of its foundation, culture shapes the company’s identity, ethos and mission. Culture determines who the organisation hires, its employee and customer experience, and ultimately the future direction of the company. Through consulting and coaching we will help you build and reshape your organisational culture and become the company you strive to be.

Organisational Change

Although change is the nature of life, humans are creatures of habit, and having certainty in what we know feels more comforting and safe. It is lucky we have these natural defence mechanisms in place as this is what keeps us alive on a daily basis. It is also important to remember that the same defence mechanisms make us resist change. When we are experiencing change, a sense of discomfort, vulnerability and even slight fear are normal. This is called the stretch zone, which is a happy medium between the comfort and the panic zones. The stretch zone is exactly where we want to be during change as this is the only space where we can grow. 


Whether it’s change of culture, organisational expansion / restructuring, merger and acquisition, or an individual role change, we will help your company and people to go through the necessary change to achieve growth and transformation in a constructive way. 

Organisational Design 

Clarity in organisational structures, roles and responsibilities is vital to cohesive execution of work in any company. Not having clarity may result in confusion, false expectations, wasted time and conflict, leading to suboptimal outcomes. 


We will help you design efficient structures across the company, within specific departments or for defined projects to maximise the productivity and performance of your organisation. 

Communication & Alignment

We believe communication is a tool one should never stop mastering. This is true for both individuals and organisations as a whole. Clear communication flow between colleagues, teams and affiliates, and alignment between strategy and operations is key to the success of any organisation. 


We will help you design clear communication channels to create alignment across your organisation, which will instil healthy culture and enable stellar performance from your employees. 

Personal Development

Personal development is a lifelong process. If we don’t grow and expand our capacities (for example, skills, qualities, knowledge), we regress. It is common to think that leadership skills are necessary only for executives. Yet if every employee was empowered to develop their leadership skills and maximise their inner resources, companies would see immense improvement in their human capital and collective performance. 


Personal development starts with improving awareness of self and the world around us. We use ‘Person, Role, Organisation’ model (Systems-Psychodynamic approach), that helps individuals to better understand each element independently as well as to find interconnection between all three.


We will coach individuals and teams in your organisation to improve awareness, communication, feedback and leadership skills. In certain situations, we will address conflict and lack of desired performance, as well as focus on developing talents, skills and potential. Our work will result in increased levels of happiness and creativity, boosted motivation and energy levels, improved communication and leadership skills of your employees and teams. Consequently, this will improve the overall performance of your organisation.

There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish. 

Warren Bennis